Tooth-Colored Fillings
What's In A Name?
Composite Fillings or Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored, white and composite resin fillings are all names for the high-strength, natural-looking restorations that can be placed today instead of silver (also known as amalgam fillings) or gold. No matter what the name, Willamette Valley Prosthodontics will know just what you're talking about when referring to this natural-looking material.

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Types of Fillings
Types of Fillings

When a cavity needs to be filled, there are four choices in the filling material:

The most common is a composite filling, this is a natural tooth-colored filling that bonds to the tooth for extra strength. There are also gold and silver fillings. Silver fillings are inexpensive and strong while gold fillings may look nicer and provide a better fit. The final option is a porcelain filling, which is the most durable and is also the color of your natural teeth.

Ask Dr. Levine, a Prosthodontist who specializes in aesthetic and restorative dentistry in Eugene and Salem, which filling would be best for you.

Strong and Natural Looking
Before Tooth Colored Fillings Benefits After Tooth Colored Fillings Benefits

White fillings are made from a high-strength composite resin that can be easily color-matched to your natural tooth making it nearly invisible to you or anyone else. Unlike silver and gold fillings, composite tooth-colored fillings bond to the tooth which means they support the surrounding tooth structure. This helps prevent breakage and insulate the tooth from excessive temperature changes. You are much less likely to have a composite filling fall out which can be a common issue with metal fillings.

Get The Care You Deserve!
Get The Care You Deserve!

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