Full Mouth Reconstruction
What is a full mouth reconstruction?

The mouth can experience a number of complications. Conditions, for example such as broken or missing teeth, a bite that is uneven , teeth that do not fit together correctly, and many other complications can cause problems. Some of these can occur whether or not the patient has any knowledge they even exist. A prosthodontist specializes in the treatment of individuals who are suffering from one or more of these dental-related complications. Dr. Levine is a prosthodontist who specializes in the difficult Full Mouth Reconstruction procedure.

Full mouth reconstruction vs. aesthetic procedures

When a full mouth restoration is recommended, patients may not understand how this treatment differs from other procedures, for example porcelain veneers. It’s important to understand that Full Mouth Reconstruction is done because a patient has major complications and the work is necessary to maintain a patient’s health. An aesthetic procedure for the purpose of only obtaining a beautiful smile, is much different than a Full Mouth Reconstruction. Full Mouth Restoration is prescribed only when your mouth truly needs it.

A Full Mouth Reconstruction not only allows you to regain functionality of your mouth, but it has the side benefit of creating a truly beautiful smile.

Why Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A mouth functions much like a well-crafted machine. As with anything that has multiple working parts, all the components should be in good working order to function correctly. When one element breaks down or is misaligned, it affects the overall health of the entire mouth. By way of example, if a person does not take care of his or her teeth properly through regular brushing and flossing, that person’s teeth will often become decayed, which may result in a loss of teeth. If he or she doesn’t replace that missing tooth immediately, the consequences can be very harmful. Examples include periodontal gum disease, collapsed bite, or loss of bone mass. In addition, it can cause enlarged sinuses, misaligned jaw, or can create any number of non-optimum conditions.

Sometimes, something can be wrong and a person may not even know it. If that is the case, by the time it’s caught, it has likely already affected surrounding components.

Why Willamette Valley Prosthodontics?

A prosthodontist receives specialized training and is highly skilled at mouth reconstruction. Prosthodontists train for several years longer than an average dentist. Dr. Levine provides among the best Full Mouth Reconstruction procedures in the State of Oregon. With Dr. Levine leading the Willamette Valley Prosthodontics team, they are ready for your Full Mouth Reconstruction procedure needs.

The longer you wait to get treated, the health of your teeth, and the entire function of your mouth, will continue to worsen. If you feel that you might be in need of a prosthodontist, please call today for a consultation.

Get The Care You Deserve!
Get The Care You Deserve!

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