Dental Crowns
Crown Aesthetics

If your smile is in need of a makeover, crowns can provide predictable results. Crowns can give an unattractive tooth back its beautiful shape and color. For smaller or worn down teeth, a crown can restore the natural size of the old tooth. A crown replaces either part or the entire tooth structure. For procedures requiring only the areas visible from the outside, a veneer may be an alternative option.

Crown Procedure

Crowns are used to restore a tooth to its natural size, shape and color after a large filling or crack in the tooth has compromised it's strength; they are almost always placed after root canal treatment because the tooth is likely to fracture. Crowns will strengthen and protect what remains of the tooth and will improve your smile. This kind of restoration can be made from all ceramic material, porcelain fused to metal, or gold.

In order for the crown to be placed on the tooth, 1-2mm of tooth structure must be removed and an impression made. The impression is sent to a lab where your crown is fabricated. A temporary crown is placed on your tooth and is replaced when the new crown arrives. The prosthesis is adjusted for proper fit and cemented on your tooth as a long term solution.

Get The Care You Deserve!
Get The Care You Deserve!

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