Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry Overview
Do you desire a beautiful smile?

Aesthetic dentistry improves many conditions including:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Overbite
  • Under bite
  • Gaps
  • Missing teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Chipped teeth

Our goal is to provide patients with caring and professional treatment. We love for our patients to leave with a new smile, from simple teeth whitening to full mouth restorations. Willamette Valley residents are fortunate to have an outstanding aesthetic dental office within easy reach.

Willamette Valley Prosthodontics creates dazzling smiles daily

Whatever the need, our highly skilled prosthodontist, Dr. Ronald Levine, can improve your smile even if it has been many years since your last dental visit. Our patients are pleased to find their fears and concerns are completely understood so that they can relax and feel confident that they will soon no longer suffer from a condition which has limited many of their lifestyle choices. At Willamette Valley Prosthodontics, we are delighted to see our patients with big smiles, confident that they can be comfortable in social situations which they have been avoiding.

Whiter teeth are a sign of youthfulness

One of the easiest and frequently requested smile enhancement procedures is teeth bleaching. Bleaching discolored teeth can remove years from a patient’s appearance simply by restoring a level of whiteness that is associated with youth. Teeth can become discolored from different causes including reactions from medication, aging and heredity. In addition, drinking wine, coffee, tea, eating certain foods, smoking, and certain medical conditions also contribute to dull, yellow teeth. If you want a quick boost of confidence, a good way is to whiten your teeth.

Teeth can be whitened at home or in the office. Many patients prefer home whitening, where the patient receives a custom-made tray that fits his/her teeth so the chemical whitening agent can remain in place for a specified time. In-office whitening can jump start a whitening program, as well. In just an hour or so, the teeth can be whitened several shades immediately with the balance of treatment taking place over the next few weeks at home.

Aesthetic dentistry for chipped and missing teeth

As we age, our teeth can be damaged by the erosion caused by certain foods, sports injuries, falling or other accidents. Many treatment options are available, depending on the scope of the work to be done. Willamette Valley Prosthodontics provides a highly skilled level of aesthetic dentistry. Patients receive the latest technology for the prescribed treatment. Porcelain veneers, bonding, crowns and dental implants all require an extremely high level of skill and training for long term success.

Misaligned and crooked teeth are more than an aesthetic problem

While overbite, underbite, and crooked teeth may be unattractive, these conditions are really a functional problem, as well as an aesthetic one. Teeth that don’t function properly, or teeth that are so crowded that dental hygiene is compromised, can be a big health concern. Patients with misaligned teeth and problems with their bite may likely also suffer from jaw pain, headaches and other ailments. In addition, these conditions can contribute to a patient restricting certain food choices.

Having a strong beautiful set of teeth allows us to enjoy the simple pleasures of eating an apple, talking and laughing with friends or going to a steak house. Aesthetic dentistry in these cases provides several benefits, including straight and properly aligned teeth that are fully functional and teeth that no longer cause embarrassment or stress.

Full mouth restorations that replace dentures

With today’s technology, Willamette Valley Prosthodontics (WVP) can restore a full set of functioning teeth, even in cases where bone loss or injury has compromised the root foundation. For example, dental implants can restore one or two missing teeth or both arches of missing teeth. If you have many missing or decayed teeth, proper restoration will be a life changing event. At WVP, we are proud to provide amongst the best aesthetic dentistry in the Willamette Valley.

All-on-4 or Teeth in a Day is another exciting option which is used to replace bridges and dentures. In this procedure, the restoration is anchored on four, five, or six implant posts which eliminate the need for traditional dentures. You never have to wear removable teeth ever! This new technique can be successfully completed on patients who may not have good bone density or do not want to ever take their teeth out of their mouth.

Do you want a bright smile?

A beautiful smile is a valuable asset for many reasons, both professional and personal. We can assist you in correcting dental flaws so you can smile with confidence. Please call us anytime for a consultation. Our skilled aesthetic dentistry office is close and convenient. We have two offices serving the Willamette Valley, in Eugene and Salem. Having a smile to be proud of begins with calling for your first appointment.

Why choose us for your aesthetic dentistry?

When it comes to your mouth, you want someone with many years of training, experience and qualifications. Whether you need porcelain veneers, bonding, dentures, sleep apnea or snoring appliances, or a full mouth reconstruction, it is vital that you do not compromise the quality of care you receive. When looking for one of the best restorative dentists in the Willamette Valley, please know that at Willamette Valley Prosthodontics, we strive to provide you with the highest professional care possible.

At Willamette Valley Prosthodontics, you will receive uncompromising care. You will be in the capable hands of Dr. Ronald Levine, a prosthodontist with many years of training and experience, and his expert team of dental care professionals.

A prosthodontist is a dentist who has received three years of advanced training after dental school at an American Dental Association-accredited institution. Prosthodontists specialize in procedures that involve dental prostheses to replace missing teeth or jaw structures. A prosthodontist is an expert in full mouth reconstruction, aesthetic dentistry, dental implants, crowns, bridges, complete or removable dentures, snoring and sleep apnea devices, as well as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

General dentists usually refer patients with complex problems or those in need of specialized treatment to a specialist: a prosthodontist who has the expertise to get the patient back on track to a healthy, beautiful, and functional smile. Dr. Levine is such a specialist, who delivers life-changing results that solidify his reputation for being an expert in the field of restorative and aesthetic dentistry.

Restoring beauty

A prosthodontist is an expert in the field of dental reconstructive procedures. The additional three years of training that Dr. Levine completed after receiving his dental degree gives him the expertise to properly complete complicated dental procedures that an average dentist may not be able to perform.

There is a beautiful and healthy smile within all of us, regardless of whether one has an imperfection or not. Dr. Levine's expert hands and knowledgeable staff are here to bring out your beauty within. When it comes to your mouth, it is important to put your trust in a knowledgeable and trained person who extends his or her education above and beyond the normal demands of a general dentist. Dr. Levine is such a person.

Less than 2% of practicing dentists are prosthodontists. This means that Dr. Levine is quite literally among the most trained and specialized dentists in the state of Oregon. So, whatever your dental needs may be, from a routine cleaning to full mouth reconstruction, Willamette Valley Prosthodontics is ready for your call.

Get The Care You Deserve!
Get The Care You Deserve!

Dr. Levine of Willamette Valley Prosthodontics would love to meet you and your family. WVP can provide you with the dental care you need and give you the smile you deserve! Our offices provide the exceptional care you need to achieve the beautiful, natural look you seek. We can even reshape your natural teeth to make them straighter and more youthful. Our offices are easily accessible making it convenient for those living near Eugene or Salem to get the care they deserve.

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