Dentists can treat problems beyond your teeth
Dentist's are very experienced and knowledgeable with the areas around the mouth, Dentist's like Dr. Levine are also trained in treating disorders like Sleep Apnea or TMJ/TMD

If you suspect you suffer from Sleep Apnea or TMJ/TMD, contact our office..

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is very common; and if left untreated, can cause individuals to stop breathing during their sleep for a minute or more. Each time this happens, the brain will wake a person up for a moment in order to get them breathing again, which results in sleep being interrupted frequently and leaving the individual tired throughout the day.

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When teeth are missing or out of alignment, it causes the jaw to shift and the muscles to work harder to chew, swallow, bite...etc, and may eventually cause muscle spasms, tension, headaches and pain.

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