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Overall Dental Practice Rating ★★★★★ 5 / 5 based upon 15 reviews.
★★★★★ No need to be afraid or embarrassed. Dr. Lavine is the most down to earth fellow. He takes all the time needed to ease you though the process of restoring your smile. With has an easy, relaxed manner, he guides you though your options and the different processes available. Both he and his staff have an old fashioned friendliness that will make you feel at home. Best of all, as a master of his field, he can do miracles for the issues you are dealing with. Eugene Location
★★★★★ My thanks to Dr. Levine and his staff for the patience needed to free me of a very painful lower denture condition which two other professionals had given up on. They were friendly, understanding and knowledgeable in accomplishing my victory. Thank you. It was a delight to work with such professionals. Eugene Location
★★★★★ Excellent experience working with Dr. Levine and his staff! Eugene Location
★★★★★ Hello, Dr Levine!

Been meaning to correspond with you to thank both of you for your past treatment and for the nice thank-you letter you sent me.

I totally enjoy Dr. Francis Allen. He is a hoot. I told him I feared needles and he said: 'How do you feel about a two-by-four upside the head?' I laughed myself silly. He's great, you were right about him.

Main reason for this e-mail is to share the reactions received at Kaiser Dental Group when they look in my mouth. Here they are: 'Oh my God, who made that upper denture? It is the most beautiful one I've ever seen!' Other staff took a look and passed it around. I'm not kidding; they actually passed it around. Then, they noticed the bridge. Same reaction: 'Incredible job; who did that bridge?' I replied that you are not just a dentist; you are an artist. The BEST compliment came from my son who is a dentist in Arizona. He said: 'THAT'S A DENTURE? YOU'RE KIDDING,RIGHT? I THOUGHT THOSE WERE YOUR NATURAL TEETH!' (I won't let my son work on me; I'm too vain to let him see me without my dentures in place.)

By the way, the upper denture looks as good as the day you made it, and that was years ago. Of course, I baby it. I brush it three times daily, soak it in denture cleaner, and keep it sparkling clean. I've never had a sore spot from that denture, not even from the first day it was in place. The bridge is also in top shape, and it looks as good as the day you hammered it in place.

As for my periodontal disease, you were right that I needed care, pronto. I'm back on cleaning every 90 days. I paid a huge price for that year I didn't get cleaning, but life was so hard for a while after my husband's heart attack and work issues that I let it go (Hubby's doing great, by the way. Complete recovery and living large) I've been told that eventually I will lose my lower teeth, it is just a matter of time. But hell, I'm getting very close to my 71st birthday, so I'll take it in stride. But, I am fighting hard to keep them, and am once again religious about maintenance. Dr. Jila Bowman is a tooth Nazi and chews me out about smoking every time I see her. She grudgingly admitted on my last visit that I had showed some improvement, but that I MUST stop smoking. So, I cut way back, and don't smoke on the days I see her. She's not said anything lately so maybe she thinks I totally quit. If I ever need another upper denture, I am strongly considering coming back to you for it. All that Kaiser charges is $1200.00 for an upper, so I don't think it would be anywhere near the quality of your work.

I am happy with Kaiser, but I do miss you. I hope you are doing well with your practice and that your family is happy and healthy. Know that I think fondly of you every time I smile at myself in the mirror. You really are the best! Thanks for all of your good work!


Charline Tompkins Gardner, Former Patient
Eugene Location
★★★★★ I have known Dr. Levine for almost 20 years and can attest to his extremely high level of competence, caring and professionalism. I highly recommend him for your dental restorative needs. Eugene Location
★★★★★ My experiences at Dr. Levine's office have been excellent and the staff is very professional. Eugene Location
★★★★★ The staff at Dr. Levine's office are friendly, efficient and always willing to go the 'extra mile', to make our visits as comfortable as possible. Dr. Levine is extremely meticulous and thorough. He settles for nothing less than perfection! Eugene Location
★★★★★ Dr. Levine has provided exemplary care for the patients that I have referred. My patients were very satisfied at his courteous and kind manner as well as the treatment he provided for them. Eugene Location
★★★★★ My experiences have always been friendly, courteous and unhurried plus professional, even though I'm at the 'dentist'. Eugene Location
★★★★★ Positive! Caring and friendly staff. Eugene Location
★★★★★ Dr. Levine has been my dentist for years. He explains everything thoroughly, so that I understand what he is doing, or what needs to be done, and why. My dental hygienist provides helpful advice without scolding, which I really appreciate. The rest of the staff is friendly and professional. Eugene Location
★★★★★ My appointments were most of the time good. A couple of times I came out very tired, but my age probably had something to do with that. Everyone was very pleasant. Thank you all. Eugene Location
★★★★★ It was a great experience-everyone was wonderful. Eugene Location
★★★★★ Very professional. Everyone in office is very polite, helpful with all questions. Highly recommend Dr. Levine and entire staff. Thank you! Eugene Location
★★★★★ It is a pleasure to have Dr. Levine work on my teeth-in the past and now in the present. It is a very pleasant office. Eugene Location
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Get The Care You Deserve!

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